A man tells a random lady he met at a restaurant about his encounter.

A Nigerian man told a random lady he met at a restaurant about his tragic experience.

He relayed his story about how the lady collected food in secret and informed the cashier that he would pay for it.

Read what he wrote below;

“I had a very scary experience today. I was sitting jejely on my own at a restaurant when this lady walked up to me with smiling face. I was like who’s this one smiling with me?

She came to my table and asked if she can sit down. I said no wahala. No be me get restaurant. As she sat, she asked me for 2k. Said she really needs it.

I was like sorry. I no get. This girl got angry and said she will deal with me. I told her I don’t have seriously. She got angry and walked out with threats to deal with me.

I thought it was a joke. I finished eating my food o. And then I went to pay. Cashier said my bill is 7k. I said how? My food is 2700. She said my girlfriend took food in my name before she left.

I asked her which girlfriend…. She described the lady that promised to deal with me. I was so angry at the cashier for not even confirming from me. I wanted to raise alarm but she begged me that she doesn’t have money to pay. That I should forgive. Na so I call my friend to pay for food wey I no chop”.

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