A Bolt driver recounts his humiliating encounter with a female passenger.

A female passenger on a journey to a guy’s place described her uncomfortable experience with a bolt driver.

The lady informed the bolt driver she was nervous about the visit because it was her first time seeing that particular man.

She requested that he take her phone number and call her after a period of time, so that he could notify her family if she stopped answering the phone.

When he returned home and dialed her number, the same lady put the call on speaker and mocked him in front of her male friends for contacting his passenger on the phone.

Read the bolt driver’s statement below,

“I am a Bolt driver. I carried a lady from Ikotun to Ikota Lekki and when we got there, she told me the boy she came to see, that she has never met him before and this is the first time. She said she is scared because of what is happening in our country nowadays.

I told her if her mind cannot carry it, she should go back home but she said, she will go in and i should please take her number and keep checking up on her and also look at the face of the guy well. If anything happen, i should alert the public. I said ok.

We waited for the guy, he came out, i saw him, i stylishly took his picture but it wasn’t clear. Some other guys came out of that house too to welcome the girl. I was scared for her but i left.

On getting home later that last night because everything happened around 6pm, I quickly called her to be sure she’s fine. This girl picked my call and immediately I introduced who is calling, she shouted at me “han han, are you mad, imagine a Bolt driver calling me, what effrontery.

When did that one start”. I didn’t hang up, i tried to explain that she was the one who told me to call her but she said “and so”. That me i want to toast her, that she will report me. She put it in loud speaker and all the boys in the room with loud music started shouting on me that i am mad, i am stupid for calling her, that i will lose my job over this.

That time, i was beside my wife when i called and i explained to her. Why will i want to call another lady when i am married. I will never watch out for any body again. If them like, let them carry all of them go. The girl can’t be up to 22. She insulted me very well. We Uber drivers see things.”

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