August Alsina Set To Release a Tell-All Book on Entanglement With Jada Pinkett

August Alsina, Jada Pinkett Smith’s ex-lover, has referenced the ‘entanglement’ affair in a new song and is planning a tell-all book about their sex life.

August, who was only 23 when he first met Jada, is reportedly rumored to be working on a tell-all book about their sex life.

According to The Sun, ‘August is about to sign a huge money book contract that will expose his amorous liaisons with Jada,’ according to a source.
‘He’s always claimed that Will gave him permission to sleep with Jada, which they’ve both rejected publicly.’

The source adds: ‘August will go into detail about his time with Jada and will also speak about how he spent time living in homes owned by Will when he was away filming.’

‘There are several publishers bidding for the books and August is lining up the best deal.

‘He knows there are a lot of people fascinated by his story and is happy to tell it.’

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