“This is very irresponsible” – Social Media Users condemns a mother who allowed hairdressers to fix a frontal-wig on her child’s head

A moment mother was spotted holding down her baby girl to fix a wig on her head despite that the toddler was visibly in distress has angered many people on social media.

In what as be described as a very irresponsible behavior from the mother, the hairdressers fixed the wig as they would on a full-grown person and the child began to cry. That did not stop the mother from calling-off the process as she held her baby much to the chagrin of netizens.


Babs wrote; What happened to babies being babies nah. Those little colourful hair bands and ribbons , what happened to them

Rebs wrote: A god forbid kind of mother. The stylist making the hair self no get sense.

Achalugo wrote: The wife you marry will determine if you’ll bear useless children, be a bar attendance, die early, have stroke, be miserable.

Frizzy wrote: You can differentiate between an accidental pregnancy (olosho taking in) and marital pregnancy from one clip.

Tolulope wrote: If my wife do this to my kids aswear I will pursue her back to her family house I hate nosense.

Medina wrote: Headache go just dey worry that poor baby.. gosh which kain of mothers are we raising na.

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