“I Paid School Fees, Rented House for Her”: – Nigerian Man Narrates How He Almost Died After Lover Cheated on Him

A Nigerian man and evangelist, Gbenga Samuel-Wemimo, on Sunday, April 10, went on Twitter to narrate how a relationship almost took his life.

The man said that though he was just 22 years old then, he was the one sponsoring the lady’s education. He also helped the guy with her WAEC and paid her school fees.

When she got admission, Gbenga also paid for her house rent and furnished it. Their picture together was in the lady’s room as a show of their relationship.

While waiting, Gbenga ordered a drink and was started throwing up. It became serious that he landed in the hospital.

He soon found out that the person she was cheating on him with was the person who tried to poison. When Gbenga confronted the lady with the truth, she could not deny.

Years after relieving the story, he was grateful he never allowed his anger make him doing something that would harm the lady’s life.

Read his post below:

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