“I haven’t been to a church in 8 years, yet God is still providing me with excellent health, success, and advancement,” Osinachi said after his death. – Okoro’s Blessing

Controversial Blessing Okoro, a Nigerian relationship expert, has weighed in on the contentious issues surrounding the death of gospel musician Osinachi Nwachukwu.

Following the gospel singer’s death, rumors began to circulate that she had been exposed to domestic abuse by her husband. Her colleague, gospel musician Frank Edwards, also claimed that her life was cut short by a “irrational human.”

Blessing disclosed on her Facebook page that if Osinachi had left her husband, no church would call her to perform. The late singer would have been discriminated against by the church if she had left her marriage, according to the relationship expert.

She stated in her article that despite the fact that she has not attended church in over 8 years, God continues to reward her with excellent health, success, and growth.

Blessing challenged Christians to read the Bible for themselves, revealing that her ex-parents husband’s are pastors.

Read her post below;

8 years I never enter church and God is still blessing me with good health, success and progress……

#my ex husband father was a pastor, him mama too na pastor. Kia churches you people need to do better on relationships and marriage .., stop lying to them pls . Read your Bible. So many things they tell you about the Bible are lies, read the Bible urself, you will discover so many fabricated myth and lies they are telling u.

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