Fearful of leaving her abusive marriage due to the economics, a woman in an abusive marriage cries out for help.

Embattled woman in violent marriage calls out for aid, expressing her dread of fleeing due to the country’s economic downturn.

The woman has reached the pinnacle of mental suffering, yet she still doesn’t know how to free herself, according to a lengthy narrative relayed through a relationship counsellor.

“Good day madam, I will like to confide in you, i am a HND holder, i am a business woman, legally married, my marriage will be 11 years this year. I am blessed with two wonderful boys age 10 and 5, my husband had a good job he is a responsible husband when it comes to taking care of the house.

The problem started when we relocated from one state to another state, recently alot has happened in my life, I have told my mum, siblings several time all they kept saying is that I should keep on enduring, psychological, physically, mentally, emotional I am drained I have been used and dumped nothing is left on my body.

The reason why I was so pained and hurt so deeply was because I have alot of opportunities to cheat on him if i wanted to but I never for once in my life cheated on him and God can bear me witnesses no side attraction at all.

I have built my entirely life on him to the extend that I can’t do anything without him knowing,in order for us to have a better life I have aborted like two times for him after given birth to my two sons I hope God will forgive me for risking my life for the person that doesn’t worth it.

Have been condoning alot of shit in my marriage since last year my husband cheated on me with his staff, it was as if they use a knife to stab my heart to pieces, my husband does not have any respect for me at all, so proud and full of himself, he will starve me with sex, he can never say sorry.

I have been the one that always says sorry to him in order for peace to reign because I hate keeping malice, he always make decision by himself without consulting me it is what they told him outside that he will …………..”

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Woman in abusive marriage cries out for advice over fear of leaving as a result of stiff economy
Woman in abusive marriage cries out for advice over fear of leaving as a result of stiff economy

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  1. She have to leave that relationship immediate for her future. Staying with that man is already blocking her chances to a better life

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