“Am I the one who is overreacting or is my spouse being stingy?” — A woman bemoans her boyfriend’s rigorous saving habits.

Young lady bemoans her relationship’s state at the hands of her lover, who practices a rigid saving culture.

According to the troubled woman, her partner has two sources of income and follows a budget that includes some savings and spending on everyday necessities.

The issue is that the lady dislikes the young man’s attitude of refusing to give her any extra money once she has used up her monthly percentage.

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“My boyfriend values money over his relationship.
What should I call him now? Or am I over reacting? There is this guy I’m dating. He works and get salary and he also have a side hustle.

Its like i have never met this kind of guy before. He doesnt touch the money from his side hustle at all, he saves them so that he could use it to build the business structure when the time comes.

Then from d salary he earns, he has a percentage he saves every month and he has a percentage he spends for d whole month. When the salary comes, he quickly deduct d percentage he wants to save and transfer it to the account he saves money.

Then the remaining is wat he will spend until he get another salary. If that percentage he wants to spends finish before he get another salary, he will rather find any other means to survive while waiting for d salary as he cant deduct from that savings.

He said if he should start removing from d savings, that things would go wrong cos he would get confortable wit it until the money finish from d account. He gives me percentage to spend too, from the one he budget to spend for d month.

This month has nt been easy for me. I spent a lot dat i finished wat he gave me for this month. Now I ask him to pls give me something as wat he gave me has finished.

He said he cant give me anything because what is left for him to spend for this month is very small. I told him to go to d savings and give me some money cos i dnt have 1 naira, he said i should manage till ending wen another salary will come dat he cant go to his savings.

I need money badly, does he love me or its me that is over reacting? Pls i need to know. Anonymous pls.”

"Is my boyfriend stingy or am I the one overreacting?" - Lady laments over boyfriend's saving culture

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  1. Before nko who wan value relationship over money?
    That guy is a careful money spender so she should look for a careless money spender if she can’t take

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