Two Ukrainian Soldiers Get Married on the Frontline (Photos)

As Russian troops depart from Ukraine’s north, two members of the Ukrainian Territorial Defence Forces married on the frontlines.

Anastasiia, 24, and Viacheslav, 43, set the conflict aside for a few hours to exchange vows in a city park in Kyiv, their army combat uniforms thrown over their shoulders and guns slung over their shoulders.

Anastasiia donned roses in her hair and carried a bouquet down a makeshift aisle, followed by their fellow troops, to make her look more like a bride.

Shortly after the ceremony, the newlyweds flaunted their wedding bands while posing for photos in the sunshine during a lull in Russian shelling.

It comes as the Ministry of Defence says Russian forces have “fully withdrawn” from northern Ukraine to Belarus and Russia.

An update posted on social media added: “At least some of these forces will be transferred to East Ukraine to fight in the Donbas.”

Vladimir Putin’s forces have taken considerable losses since being ordered to invade on 24 February.

Despite repeated claims from the Kremlin that their war is “going to plan”, Putin’s spokesperson admitted on Thursday that their forces have suffered “significant losses”.

Exact figures have not been confirmed, although last month a Nato source put the numbers of Russian soldiers killed at between 7,000 and 15,000.

Dmitry Peskov told Sky News: “We have significant losses of troops and it’s a huge tragedy for us.”

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