Outrage as Leke Adeboye Calls RCCG Pastors Goats

Leke Adeboye, the son of the Redeemed Christian Church of God’s General Overseer, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, slammed erring pastors of the church, referring to them as “goats” for preaching their sermons after the G.O. had finished speaking and preaching.

This sparked fury on social media, with many condemning the statement and others calling for his suspension.

The RCCG’s parishes were usually linked up with the church’s National Headquarters on the first Sunday of each month, where the G.O. would deliver a sermon, which was expected to be the only sermon of the day. Meanwhile, after the G.O.s, several parish pastors preached a follow-up sermon.

Reacting to such a move, Pastor Leke took to his Instagram account and referred to the RCCG pastors who preached their messages after the G.O. had preached his sermon as ‘goats.’

“Why would you go and preach another sermon after Daddy G.O. had just finished speaking and preaching?”

“You are not a son, you are a goat sir. Next Thanksgiving service, just do an altar call, then Thanksgiving,” Leke posted.

Tweeps bemoaned this statement, called it rude and others demanded his suspension by the RCCG.

“#rccg should suspend Leke Adeboye for calling ordained pastors #GOAT. What a gut,” @ollynetworker said.

“That’s very rude of you, Leke Adeboye! You are the goat here,” @Joanna8214 tweeted.

@TomisinAmokeoja said, “Two wrongs don’t make a right, Leke Adeboye calling pastors goat was way overboard. Really leaves much to be desired. Always been controversial though. I wonder how he would have reacted if he was the G.O.”

A tweep, @CeciliaOkoroma, said that such a statement was not nice and unexpected from a man of God.

“This is simply not too nice a statement from ‘man of God’ and in particular, son of G.O RCCG,” she tweeted.

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