Sacked Islamic Cleric Gets New Appointment As Chief Imam

The Nation has learned that Sheikh Nuru Khalid, the sacked Chief Imam of the National Assembly Mosque Zone E, Apo Legislative Quarters in Abuja, has been appointed by the Committee of a new Jum’mat Mosque behind the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Quarters in Abuja.

With effect from Friday, April 8, he will be the chief imam of the mosque.

Khalid was fired by the mosque’s Steering Committee just hours ago for criticizing President Muhammadu Buhari over the incident on an Abuja-Kaduna train late Monday night.

During his speech, he chastised the administration for failing to control the country’s rising instability and deaths.

He regarded the mosque’s management committee terminating his appointment as a necessary price he had to pay for associating with the suffering masses and speaking truth to power.

“By Almighty Allah’s Grace, I will be heading my new congregation this Friday, since as clerics, we need a platform to operate,” Khalid added.

“Behind the CBN Quarters in Abuja, we erected a Jum’mat mosque, and I will now be heading the congregation there.”

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