Drama As Man Presents Fake WAEC Result For Town Election (Photos)

The Principal of National Grammar School, Nike in Enugu State, Mr. Alaya U. Polycarp has refuted a Secondary School Certificate results presented by Mr. Obiora Temple Ezeani described it as unfounded and inconsistent with the records in the school.

The development followed an enquiry made by some persons to the school in respect of one of the aspirants for the election into executive offices in the Ichida Town Union in Aniocha Local Government Area in Anambra State scheduled to hold on 16th April, 2022.

According to reports to the media, the embattled aspirant had presented the forged result to the Electoral Committee to qualify for the position of the Financial Secretary as required but luck ran against him when the committee got a tipoff from persons that know his academic capacity well to check and verify the genuineness of the result which turned out to be forgery.

Some members who suspected foul play in the presented result sheet with three distinctions; (Bs) in Literature in English, Government and Biology, while five Credits in English Language, Mathematics, Igbo Language, Commerce and Christian Religious Knowledge, and a P7 in Economics insisted to embark on verification exercise to the school.

In the disclaimer letter handwritten, signed and stamped by the school principal, he stated that the name of the candidate was not in the printed list of students that sat for WAEC examination in 1992 adding that the examination number alongside the Post office address are inconsistent with that of the school.

The letter reads;

“This is to certify that the bearer, Obiora Temple Ezeani as claimed here, was not a student of the above school.”

“Our registration number as at the time 1992 was 04416, not 4150……… Our P.O Box is 348 not 99.”

“His name was not among the printed lists of students that sat WAEC Examination 1992. Thanks for your usual cooperation”.

Some members after the discovery of the misconduct who chose to remain anonymous are moving for his disqualification in the election immediately alongside requisite punishments arguing that overlooking such a vice is akin to promoting scam, misconducts and sluggishness in the society let alone for someone aspiring to handle the financial accounts of the association.

Information available showed the said Mr. Temple Ezeani has been posing with the mien of a very educated elite, holding some important positions in the town before this startling discovery.

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