“Putin is fighting for Christian values and against same-sex marriage” – Ukraine-based Nigerian cleric says

Putin, according to Pastor Sunday Adelaja, the founder of Europe’s largest evangelical church, Embassy of the Blessed Kingdom of God for All Nations, is working to safeguard Christian faith’s basic principles.

He said that the Russian invasion of Ukraine caused him to lose property worth more than $4 million.

He went on to say that he had to escape the nation with only one clothing in order to avoid being caught up in the battle.

The pastor advised people to avoid misrepresenting Putin, claiming the guy is battling for fundamental Christian values, speaking via a Zoom meeting organized by Network of African Christian Journalists.

The Nigerian-born preacher, who lived in Kiev, Ukraine, for some decades, said: “I’m beginning to believe that this Vladimir Putin who everybody is saying is mad and demon-possessed is the same man that is fighting for traditional values of the Christian faith.

“He is saying Christianity and satanism are not equal.

“He is against homosexuals, saying same-sex marriage is wrong.

“What is happening in Ukraine right now is pathetic and very unfortunate.

“Lives are being lost.

“My house, which is worth about $4 million, was burnt.

“I left the country only in one shirt.”

Adelaja also said the Russia invasion may lead to Third World War except urgent measures are taken. He added that God may use the war to glorify his name.

He said: “There is nothing I need from Nigeria Christians but what I want them to realise is that this invasion may escalate and lead to the Third World War whereby Russia will be ready to use nuclear weapons.

“Let us all pray against this.

“It could lead to war that may dictate how the world will be ruled.

“War is destructive, damaging, traumatising.

“I believe that this war is the judgment of God upon Ukraine, the attacker and the attacked, the victim and the aggressor are being judged.

“There is no way one can deny the fact that this is God’s judgment.

“God may use this to glorify His name.”

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