“I didn’t go because I don’t enjoy losing,” Cardi B clarifies as she deletes her Twitter account following backlash from devotees for missing the Grammys.

Cardi B, an American rapper, has canceled her Twitter account in response to her fans’ indignation over her omission from music’s most prestigious event, the Grammy Awards.

Cardi had battled with some of her followers on Sunday, who included her children in the trashing rampage, prior to an earlier tweet announcing that she would delete her account.

She had tweeted before deactivating her account, “I’m deleting my Twitter On God I hate this f**kin dumbass fan base.”

You got the slow dumbasses dragging my kids all cause y’all [thought] I was going to the Grammys and I didn’t the f**k?” 

The American singer, on the other hand, explained why she was furious on her Instagram live.

She continued by saying this ;

“Do I have any new music? Why would I show up with one nomination? And I lost it anyways, so you wanted me to go to the Grammys, lose an award and me just be there smiling like, ‘That’s great, that’s great.’ Like, come on now my n—a. Come on now. I don’t like that sh*t.”

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