Following Wizkid’s Grammy loss, Davido chastised a fan’s remark.

Daniel Regha, a Twitter user, attacks Davido Adeleke, an Afrobeat singer, over a fan’s statement following Wizkid’s Grammy loss.

This comes after Wizkid Balogun lost both of his Grammy nominations in 2022, which came as a shock to fans.

Following the announcement, a Davido fan turned to Twitter to post the phrase “E Choke,” which is one of the singer’s most known catchphrases.

A Twitter user, on the other hand, mocked the artist for tacitly blaming Wizkid for his defeat.

Read what he wrote in reply to Davido below.

“Wizkid losing the Grammys to other nominees isn’t a win for Davido, so celebrating his loss is s!lly; Keep stanship aside & call-out the Grammy organisers for playing favorit!sm. Remember ur fave may one day face the same treatment when he or she bags a nomination, so do rethink, ” 

To the 30BG fans, the user wrote, “To all Davido fans who are celebrating Wizkid’s Grammy loss, don’t be silly; Wiz losing the Grammy will neither elevate Davido’s career nor stop Wizkid’s growth. The Grammy organisers may also do the same to ur fave if he eventually bags a nomination so quit shading & have sense.”

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