Father Caught Maid Sexually Molesting His 3-year-old Son After Installing CCTV In His House

After the father viewed through a footage of the Close Circuit Television (CCTV) that he put at his Montrose suburb property, a Bulawayo maid was arrested and taken to court for sexually abusing her employer’ s three- year- old boy. To protect the minor’ s identity, the maid, the child, and the child’ s parents will not be mentioned.

When his parents were away, the maid allegedly forced the boy to sexually fondle her breasts. The incident is said to have occurred on March 25th, approximately 18:00 hours.

The child informed his father of the maid’s actions. The father then watched the CCTV footage and received the shock of his life when his son’s accusations were proven to be accurate.

The father then showed his wife the video, and the two of them went to the police station to report the incident.

“I arrived home from work on March 25th about half past six o’ clock in the evening. I met the accused and my kid by the gate as they opened it for me, and I then opened the car door to let my son in. As I drove to park the car, I inquired about his day, and he informed me that he had been playing with the accused breasts during the day. I inquired as to why, and he stated that it was for fun.”

“I then went into the house and verified what was going on during the day by watching recordings on my phone that is connected to the house CCTV system, and that waa when I learned that certainly the accused has been letting my son to fondle her breasts and even removed her bra,” the father claimed.

The accused rejected the claims when she appeared before Tredgold courts magistrate Nomagugu Maphosa.

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