My Father Appointed Me and My Sister As His New Wife After Our Mother Died – Lady Narrates

Diana, a 22 year old girl has narrated how her father took her and her younger sister who is only 16 years old as his wives.

Diana narrated that her father and mother separated when she was 12 years old. She and her sister stayed with their mother until she passed away.

Due to the poor financial situation, they decided to move in with their father. Unfortunately, their father didn’t show them love and attention.

He comes to their room everything night forcing them to sleep with him. Each time they decline, he would not give them food throughout the week. The two girls decided to accept the truth and accept their father’s offer in order to eat.

The case was later reported to the police after a neighbor heard their cry one night creaming. This was how the two girls were set free from their heartless father.

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