Chief Iman of Abuja Mosque Suspended For Criticising Buhari Over Kaduna Train Attack

The steering committee of Apo Juma’at Mosque in Abuja has suspended Sheikh Nuru Khalid, the mosque’s top Imam, for criticizing President Muhammadu Buhari over the Kaduna train incident.

In his Friday sermon, the Imam chastised the president for failing to visit Kaduna in the aftermath of the deadly terrorist assault, stating that condemnation was insufficient.

He claimed that the president was in Kaduna for a campaign rally but declined to return after the bombing.

“Everyone, except the bandits, denounced the incident. As a result, censure is insufficient. The president should pay a visit to the state to express his condolences to the victims.

”The president has been to Kaduna for campaigns but couldn’t go to the state on a sympathy visit,” he said.

The chairman of the mosque steering committee, Sai’du Dansadau, however said the Imam was sacked for inciting sermon on April 1.

He explained that the Imam had preached against exercising civic duty by advising voters to give conditions to political leaders before electing them.

Mr Dansadau added that the sermon was against Islamic tenets.

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