Lightning Kill Four Young Men In Ondo

During a thunderstorm on Wednesday evening in Ago Dada village, Akure North Local Government Area, Ondo State, at least four young people were killed by lightning.

The four young men who were struck by lightning in their homes during a light shower died on the spot before help arrived.

Residents of the rural village flocked to the location of the tragedy, causing tension in the neighborhood.

According to a local, the four young men were inside a house when lightning struck the neighborhood, followed by thunder, killing them all.

“The lightning looked like electric sparks and a big thunderstorm shook the entire village,” he explained, “and by the time we knew it, people were screaming in front of the deceased house after learning they had been struck by lightning.”

According to another report, the deaths of the four community inhabitants created a feud between the youngsters and some community leaders, resulting in a demonstration by some enraged adolescents.

He stated that the demonstration resulted in property destruction and that “the adolescents of the area went on a rampage this morning, wounding an old guy in the community.”

Meanwhile, some traditionalists adherent visited the scene of the incident to perform some rites and appease the gods before the bodies of the men could be buried.

He said “I was told that we could not immediately remove their bodies. They said Sango adherents must perform some rites.”

Confirming the development, when contacted, the Police Public Relations Officer(PPRO), Mrs Funmilayo Odunlami, confirmed the incident but said there was no protest in the village.

Odunlami said, “I can confirm to you that four youths were killed by thunder in the village, but there was no protest leading to another death in the village.”

“Maybe there was an argument when the families of those affected wanted to pick up the remains of the victims for burial. It was a painful thing, but who do they want to protest to?”

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