Korra Obidi and her husband, Justin, spar vehemently over child custody, while Korra’s associate tells the dancer’s side of the tale.

The moment Korra Obidi and her husband, Justin Dean, engaged into a heated confrontation about their children’s custody has been captured on video.

“Whoever has custody of the kids at the moment a divorce is filed gets custody of the kids until you go to a judge,” Justin Dean said, maintaining that the children should be in his possession.

That is why, he claims, he filed for a restraining order against Korra in order to ensure that he has custody of the children.

Justin stated he doesn’t care what happens to their second child, Athena, who is four weeks old and still breastfeeding, when asked by Korra and her spouse.

Korra’s colleague also released a statement in which she detailed the dancer’s side of the tale, including how Justin Dean neglected to care for the kids, prompting Korra to demand that he return them to her.

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