After a trader died with a password, a man loses all of his ‘$500,000’ in cryptocurrency savings.

A man recounted how he lost his whole life savings after investing it all with a cryptocurrency trader who died in 2018.

Tong Zuo, the guy, described how he put the money with Quadriga CX and entrusted the assets to Gerald William Cotten, the company’s founder and CEO, who had access to all of his clients’ accounts.

According to reports, 76,000 people invested a total of $250 million with Gerald before he died, forcing them to lose all of their money.

When Zuo told his story, he stated the majority of his money came from his parents, and he put it into cryptocurrencies to avoid paying bank fees when he relocated from the United States to Canada.

Meanwhile the defunct Canadian firm claims it is unable to pay customers due otoa a legal dispute with a bank.

Zuo strengthened:

“I kept asking them: Where’s my money? – October, November, December – during all that time. They kept saying it was the lawsuit. I couldn’t get any sleep. I just prayed. I really prayed it wasn’t a scam. At that time, there was nothing I could do. There was no way of getting my money back. Once I deposited it, it was basically gone, ” 

Jennifer Cotten claims her husband intended to give her the password in the event of his death, but he never did.

“Trust No One: The Hunt For The Crypto King,” a Netflix documentary, tells Zuo’s and other people’s heartbreaking stories.

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