Wife Poured Hot Water on Husband’s Private Part For Planning To Marry a Second Wife

After his wife angrily poured hot water on his manhood because he was preparing to take a second wife, a 59-year-old man was left in terrible pain in the hospital.

The victim, Mallam Aliyu Ibrahim, a primary school teacher from Kano state’s Danbatta Local Government Area, was believed to be experiencing family troubles with his wife of many years, who had given him ten children and had previously threatened to divorce her.

According to a relative of the victim, the victim had complained several times about his wife’s misbehavior toward him, and also lamented that she had poisoned the minds of their children against him, leaving him despondent.

The victim reportedly threatened to marry a young wife who would take good care of him during a recent argument with his wife.

The victim claimed that he and his wife had lived together in peace and harmony for many years, but that she suddenly began misbehaving towards him, and that he only threatened to take another wife for himself to scare her into changing her bad behavior.

However, he revealed that even after he told her he was going to take another wife, she continued in her bad behavior, so he began making plans to marry his second wife.

On his hospital bed, the victim revealed that on the day his wife committed the heinous act, he bought some meat from work and found his wife boiling hot water in the kitchen, unaware that the water she was boiling was actually meant for him.

He added that after handing his wife the meat he brought, he went into the room to relax, only for his wife to follow him into the room with a bucket of boiling water, which she poured on his private genitalia.

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