Two new tenants allegedly kidnapped three children barely 24 hours of moving in

Three children were kidnapped by two new tenants in Ajuwon, Ogun state, just 24 hours after they moved into a flat on Itsekiri street.

On February 17, two ladies in their 30s moved into a one-room apartment in the property.

On the evening of Friday, February 18, they allegedly vanished with the children.

The women stated they were students from a school in Ikeja, Lagos, and that they would stay at the residence for three weeks until their exams was completed, according to an eyewitness.

The women were alleged to have interacted with the occupants of the complex in a cordial manner during their brief stay.

They vanished with the children after claiming to be going to a store in the neighborhood with them. The incident has been reported to the police station in Ajuwon.

Grace Peter, the wife of one Kingsley Peter, stated her husband was arrested and has yet to be freed, and that the barber who brought the suspects to her husband was also arrested.

Ogun state police spokesperson, Abimbola Oyeyemi confirmed the incident and also said some persons were “invited”.

Oyeyemi said; 

“We heard about it. The case is under investigation. The kidnappers came to rent an apartment in that building. They recently packed into that place and other occupants of the house never knew that they had a game plan.

“Since they came into the house, they started playing with all these children, showing signs of a good neighbour. The parents relaxed thinking that are good people, not until they ran away with about three kids from that place.”

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