A 16-Yr-Old Nigerian Boy Converts His Bicycle to Okada Using Generator Engine, Says He Spent N30k

Adewale Quoyim, a 16-year-old boy, is a living example of how powerful a person’s imagination can be. He did everything himself to turn his bicycle into a motorcycle.

People told him he couldn’t use a generator engine as a motorcycle engine, he said in an interview with BBC News Pidgin.

His father supported him when that seemed to be dampening his determination. People are still shocked that he made his creation work now that he is riding it.

The SS3 student mentioned that he began learning mechanical skills when he was ten years old and became an apprentice.

Adewale explained that the idea for the conversion came to him when he wanted a motorcycle but couldn’t afford one.

How he did it He dismantled a generator set?

While the half engine of the set is sitting at the pedal, the tank is placed between the bicycle seat and the handrail.

Adewale stated that he spent a total amount of N30,000 for the conversion. The teenager bought the engine as a scrap. He placed it on automatic to do away with the need for a clutch. Read more: 

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