“Amala is a horrible meal,” says Dorcas Fapson, an actress.

Dorcas Fapson, a prominent Nollywood actress and disc jockey, has expressed an unfavorable stance regarding Amala, a native Nigerian swallow meal.

Amala is a Nigerian cuisine that originated with the Yoruba ethnic group. It works well with any type of soup, but it tastes especially good with ewedu soup.

Dorcas Fapson, a prominent Nollywood actress, sparked outrage on social media when she called Amala a nasty cuisine. She wrote on Instagram that the Nigerian dish is awful and that she doesn’t care who cooked it.

Read her post below;

“Random but, Amala is disgusting…I don’t care who made it, argue with your tongue”,

While some Nigerians hold similar viewpoints, the majority used the comment to show their displeasure with her food remark.

An Instagram follower @ife_luv12 wrote, “No Amala slander would be allowed ”.

@chefdeee, “Maybe her ex name na Amala  I don’t know why she’s so bitter ”.

@moyamilia, “Amala ? My own favorite food , something must be wrong with her tastebuds and all of you that agree with her”.

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