Man Narrates How His Friend Was Poisoned To Death Same Day He Was Made Chairman

A Nigerian man has narrated how his friend got poisoned to death, same day he was made chairman of his group.

Facebook user, Achineme Victor Ejiofor said in a tribute to his friend Osaroluka Mpioate Obinna, said he was poisoned out of envy and jealousy.

He further wondered why someone will poison a friend over a “mere position”. The Facebook user wrote:

“On my way out to my daily day hustle,I heard about your dismissal from this Earth planet, It was a joke 2 me bc we saw few days ago when i passed your street and you spoke in Eleme ( Ejiofor you don reach to marry ohh) n i smiled and replied you (50 i dey ur back ohh na u i dey wait 4 b4 i go marry)…”

”From the story i heard you where poisoned due to envy and jealousy bc of the position given to you as a chairman AKASLOT…”

“Some people can be very wicked and heartless,you called him out for celebration yesterday as he was given chairman AKASLOT as the celebration was going on you poisoned him that same day he was given the chairmanship position…”

“How can you poison someone just because of a mere position not even worth anything..”

RIP 50



“Please dear friends be careful with the people you move around with.. Always guild your drinks and food at any event..”

“I take myself as an example,if I’m going to ease (pee) i go out with my drink or if i forget my drink when i come back nothing on this planet Earth will make me drink or eat food i left before going out….”

OBINNA you were so nice and friendly to everyone around you..

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