Family Fulfill Dying Father’s Wish, Returned N11m Unearned Salary

A Nigerian family honors their father’s last desire by reimbursing N11 million in unearned pay and apologizing to the Yobe state government.

The instruction of their late father, Baba Aji Mamman, to refund his unearned earnings to the state government has been carried out by a Nigerian family in Yobe state.

Their father worked as an employee of the Rural Electrification Board in Damaturu, Yobe state, according to an advertorial placed by the family on DailyTrust. He only went to work twice or three times a week, rather than the five times he was supposed to, due to his age, health condition, and other issues.

Before his death on March 28th, 2020, he directed his family to compute and repay the salaries he was paid for days he wasn’t at work. According to their calculations, the unearned salaries for the previous eleven years totaled N11 million.

The family has since raised the funds, which were subsequently transferred to the state government’s account, as well as expressed regret for his actions.

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