“My husband had threatened in the past to kill our children”- Woman whose husband murdered their three daughters in Enugu speaks

Mrs. Millicent Amadigwa, the mother of the three girls who were allegedly slaughtered and dumped in a deep freezer at their home on 74 Nkwubor Road, Emene, Enugu, by their father, 52-year-old Ifeanyi Amadikwa, has spoken out.

The heartbreaking account of how police caught the culprit on January 4 after the children, Chidalum Amadikwa, 11, Amarachi Amadikwa, 8, and Ebubechukwu Amadikwa, 4, were found dead.

Mrs. Amadigwa, who sells tomato and pepper for a profession, told Punch that her husband, who has been unemployed for a few years, had threatened to kill their children in the past. She stated that she took his threat seriously and informed his aunt, who requested that she do so.

Mrs Amadigwa stated her daughters woke up on the 4th of January while she was getting ready to go to the market, and she discovered their bodies. She claimed she told them to wash their clothing after eating while she went to the market with her son, Akachukwu, to sell.

When the distraught mother got home, she was surprised to see that none of her children had run out to greet her as they usually did when she returned from the market. She claimed that when she inquired about their whereabouts, her husband was dismissive, telling her to go seek for them alone.

She said she went to a neighbor’s house to search for them but did not find them there. Mrs. Amadigwa said she returned home and was about to grab something to eat when her husband shouted, saying she should come and see the children in a deep freezer by the entrance of their house.

She said they rushed the children to the hospital where the doctor confirmed them dead. 

Mrs. Amadigwa says she suspects only her husband as the person who killed their children

”No one again except my husband because he has threatened this children that he will kill them. He said me and him will appear in newspapers.”

She said he had been threatening her since last year without any valid reason.

”I reported the threat to their senior sister, Aunty Ann who lives in Owerri. She told me it is just ordinary and that he wouldn’t do anything”

She said she also told her older brother who called him on phone and warned him not to harm anyone. According to her, her deceased children were always reluctant to collect anything from their father because of his hostile attitude towards them. 

She said her husband worked in two different companies before traveling to Dubai. He returned two years ago and has remained unemployed, thereby, failing to provide for their family.  She said on the day of the incident, her husband bought some chemicals which he said he wanted to pour in a well dug in their compound. She said she believes he used the chemicals to kill their children. 

Mrs Amadigwa said her husband is still insisting that he did not kill the children. 

The police say the matter is currently being investigated. 

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