“I’m never going to get married,” says the man, emphasizing the importance of remaining single for the rest of his life.

A young guy discusses his choice to be alone for the rest of his life, and his father backs him up in his decision.

According to a 30-year-old man who chose to remain unmarried rather than face the same marriage problems as his father, he made the decision to remain single.

His father backed up his decision by advising him to be unmarried in order to have a calm life, as opposed to the one he is currently living.

Read his post below;

“I’m 30 years old now and frankly speaking, I know I’m never gonna get married! Even my father sent me a Whatsapp message some weeks ago with a bold text saying “never get married my boy!” ” you’re my son, and I’ll never lie to you”. He’s living a miserable life with the stupid witch he put in his house. But nobody forced him to get married! So he’s getting the taste of his own medicine! Even if he didn’t tell me any of this, I already knew my destiny. I knew I was born to die single and nobody will take this wonderful single life away from me!”

"I'm never going to get married" - Man emphasizes reason to stay single for life

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