A man recounts how his girlfriend made his mother uncomfortable at work after she introduced her to coworkers.

Seyi Bello, a Nigerian guy, described how he discovered that his four-year-old fiancée was already engaged to another man.

Seyi claims that his relationship with the woman was so serious that he brought her to his mother, who then decided to introduce her to coworkers.

His mother, on the other hand, was mortified when she learned that the same girl was getting ready to marry her colleague’s son.

Read what Seyi wrote below:

“I dated this girl for 4 years and it was so serious that i had to let my mom know details about her.

Not until a day mom came back from work and told me she was talking about my girl at work and her senior colleague said this is the girl that just got engaged to her son.

What an embarrassment it would have been for my mother. I asked my mother to show me her son’s photo, and it turned out to be the guy my girl was continuously tagging with the hashtag “BEST.” For more than a month, I was down and out.

well they are getting married next month and i don’t think i wish them a happy married life”

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