TikTok Star Faces Death Penalty For Murder

This tiktok star has been arrested for murdering his enstranged wife and her lover in their uprise apartment.

The duo usually made impersonation videos together and was the picture of a perfect family, and on October 21, 2021 he broke into their apartment and committed the crime.

His enstranged wife had kicked him out of the house due to marital issues and allegations of abuse and was going to get a restraining order against him.

He then bugged his daughter’s IPAD so he could listen in to the house and knew when she and her lover were together.

He drove to the apartment and shot six times killing both of them.

He has pleaded not guilty and his trial is still ongoing, if found guilty he might be given the dealth penalty.

The couple had a daughter together and she was sleeping in the apartment when the crime was committed.

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