Prison Officer Commits Suicide Over Inability To Pay House Rent in Ondo

Kayode Adeniyi, a prison officer assigned to the Correctional Centre in Ondo town, Ondo state, is said to have committed himself due to his inability to pay his rent and other financial responsibilities.

The deceased was reportedly assigned to the Segede Correctional Centre in the state’s Ondo West council region.

In his room, he allegedly shot himself in the head and died instantaneously.

According to sources, the deceased has complained on multiple occasions that his neighbors and other residents on the street where he lives make fun of him because he is unable to pay his rent, power bill, and other financial obligations.

“Whenever we were chatting, he would be lamenting over several concerns, which included housing rent and energy bills,” a close friend of the deceased told Vanguard in confidentially.

“We even urged him to relocate if he couldn’t bear it, or to tell those he owed money that he would pay them later if he couldn’t stand it.”

“We had no idea he had a different plan in mind.” We had no idea why he did it. It was most likely due to stress brought on by personal concerns or other challenges.

“We even urged him to move to another location if he couldn’t endure it or file a claim with people who owed him money.”

Others also attributed the action to due to stress from personal issues or other challenges.

Police sources said the exhibit the deceased used to commit suicide was in police custody.

The source said investigation has commenced to ascertain the cause of his death.

Meanwhile, the corpse has been deposited at a mortuary.

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