Man Removes His Roof To Pay Son’s Ransom in Katsina (Photos)

Saidu Faskari, a Katsina farmer, has removed his house’s roofing sheet to sell in order to raise money for his eldest son’s release.

The Faskari local government is one of the state’s most vulnerable districts to bandit assaults. As part of attempts to reduce insecurity, Governor Aminu Masari shut down mobile telecommunications networks in 13 areas.

Ibrahim Bawa, a local journalist with the Katsina Daily Post News online news website, posted a video clip and photos of the man when his roofing sheet was being lifted.

Mr Bawa, a Faskari native, told reporters that the elderly man was unable to collect the ransom money.

Mr Faskari was kidnapped in December and held captive for 13 days by the bandits. The bandits freed the old man and captured his son when he went to pay the N50,000 ransom.

They are now demanding a ransom of N100,000 from the elderly man.

Mr Faskari was heard claiming in the video that he was doing it for his son.

“They (bandits) kidnapped my son day before yesterday (Thursday). He had gone to pay the ransom money for my release. I spent 13 days in their den. When my children gathered the N50,000 one of my sons was asked to take the ransom but the bandits released me and apprehended him. I don’t even have what to eat not to talk of the money to go and pay ransom.”

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