Man Tried To Kill Wife By Flying Plane Into Their Home, But Killed Himself (Photos)

A man who died after he intentionally crashed a plane into his own home is believed to have done it in a deranged bid to kill his wife, police said.

Duane Youd, from Payson in the US state of Utah, carried out the astonishing attack just hours after he had been arrested for assaulting his wife,The Sun reports.

His partner and a child, who were in the home at the time of the attack, managed to escape despite the front part the two-storey house being engulfed in flames, Police Sergeant Noemi Sandoval said.

The wife of a Utah man who flew a small plane into their home has said she will ‘never understand’ what was going through her husband’s head at the time of the deadly crash.

Sandy Youd and her adult son managed to escape the flames that engulfed their family home in Payson, Utah, killing her husband Duane ‘Rhedd’ Youd, 47, on Monday.

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