Brothers who shot woman while she made cottage pie jailed for 24 years each

Two brothers were sentenced to 24 years in prison each by a Newcastle Crown Court for attempting to murder an innocent woman with a shotgun.

On October 3, Thomas and James Lee, 21 and 27, shot Emma Robinson in her home in Westerhorpe, Newcastle, while she was making cottage pie. Jordan King, the Lees’ cousin, was shot 26 hours later.

Prosecutors told the court that they will be testifying in court;

On October 3 in the afternoon, Thomas Lee was seen outside his father’s address screaming in anger and saying on the phone: “I’ve done people’s knees before, I’ve used a gun.”

‘It appears these two shootings were carried out for revenge and because they were cross.’

The brothers’ motive for violence has not been established, however it is thought they were seeking vengeance on Miss Robinson’s son, with whom they had reportedly had a dispute after their windows were damaged.

Brothers who shot woman while she made cottage pie jailed for 24 years each

The shooting left Miss Robinson with terrible scars on her arm, shoulder and back which she feels self-conscious about.

The long sentences came after the court heard Miss Robinson detail how it felt to be shot in her own home.

She said; 

 ‘I was making cottage pie in the kitchen, facing the microwave.

‘I heard a loud noise, like a bang but I don’t know what type of bang but I could hear the glass at the same time.

‘I felt something hit the side of my face and I turned round and it’s
obviously caught my back.

‘I went straight through to the living room. There was glass everywhere. I was in shock at the time. It more sinks in afterward when you think it could’ve been really serious this.’

Trauma of the attack has also left the mum struggling with anxiety, depression and insomnia.

Robinson added; 

‘When I’m alone at night I keep thinking about what happened and how much worse my injuries could have been.

‘I keep thinking to myself what would have happened to my children if my injuries had been any worse. I already rely on my mother and don’t think she could have coped if she had to look after me or if I was not there at all.’

Brothers who shot woman while she made cottage pie jailed for 24 years each

The Lees were cleared of trying to kill Mr King on October 5 but convicted of attempting to wound him with their shotgun.

James was also found guilty of possessing ammunition when prohibited as he had bullets despite being banned from doing so within five years of his last imprisonment – for religious or racially aggravated harassment in 2017.

James, who has 65 previous convictions, also admitted to dangerous driving after attacking Mr King.

Thomas, who has 54 previous convictions, was found guilty of possessing a firearm while prohibited.

Separately, James admitted to child cruelty, for wiping chocolate on a child’s mouth and telling him is was excrement.

And Thomas admitted to assaulting a special constable, racial harassment,
assaulting a police constable and possessing cannabis.

On top of the jail sentences, James was banned from driving for a year after his release and Thomas was told he would live under licence for an extra four years after serving his time.

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