“God arise and cut short the lives of those who cut short the life of my son” – Late Sylvester Oromoni’s mum breaks down in tears as she prays after Lagos state govt exonerated Dowen college students and staff of complicity in her son’s death

Mrs. Oromoni, mother of late Sylvester Oromoni, an 11-year-old Dowen College student, has prayed to God to avenge her son’s death.

This comes just hours after the Lagos state government cleared the five students and teachers who had been arrested in connection with Sylvester’s death.

In a letter to the police and the court hearing the case, the state’s Director of Public Prosecution stated that the postmortem results did not indicate that Sylvester was murdered.

The toxicology report found no dangerous substances in late Oromoni’s body, according to the DPP.

Mrs. Oromoni, unable to hold back her sobs, asked to God to fight for her and to take the lives of all those who had taken her son’s life.

An aggrieved Mrs. Oromoni went on to pray that God should cut short the lives of all those supporting her son’s killers and make them feel the pain that she is feeling.

”This battle that is on ground is of the lord. Everlasting living God, the creator of heaven and earth, the beginning and the end, the first and the last, the owner of the whole planet, the God who created the whole universe will surely avenge the death of my son, Sylvester Oromoni jnr. 

For this the whole world will know that there is God that fights for the oppressed. Jehovah God arise and let those that cut the life of my son short , cut their lives short. And those that are supporting them, oh lord, cut their lives short.

Let them feel the pain that I am passing through. Let them feel the pains that I am passing through. Let them breathe the air Oh God. Arise! God of vengeance arise. Everlasting God arise.

If they breath the air in, Baba God, may your wrath fall on them.”

The devastated mum said everyone celebrated Christmas and New Year but she did not celebrate with her son.

 She prayed that God should arise and deal with those that are trying to turn the case and give her son an evil name.

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  1. At a dying mins christ still prayed for those that killed him. This how christianity should be like

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