Fire Gut 3 Storey Building in Lagos

On New Year’s Day, a three-story building caught fire after suspected electrical equipment detonated shortly after power was restored to the structure.

There were no casualty estimates available at the time of reporting this article, however property worth millions of naira had been destroyed by the unexpected conflagration.

The building is in Surulere, Lagos State, on Onadeko Street, off Anjorin Street, Lawanson.

“The personnel of the Federal Fire Service and Lagos State Fire Service arrived around an hour after the fire event started but they were unable to put out the fire owing to poor equipment that malfunctioned at the scene of the incident,” an eyewitness told newsmen.

“An explosion was heard at the last floor of the building shortly after electricity was restored to the structure,” said an eyewitness, Mr Ladi Sarumi, “although an alternate power supply source, a generator set, was still on.”

“The landlord is on vacation in Ebonyi State right now,” he continued, “but the wife and domestic workers were at home when the fire broke out.”

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