Nigeria is benefiting from the cordial relationship between the executive and legislature – Senate President Ahmad Lawan

The country benefits from the amicable connection between the executive and legislative branches of government, according to Senate President Ahmad Lawan.

President Muhammadu Buhari signed the 2022 appropriation bill into law on Friday, December 31. Lawan made the claim while speaking to journalists.

He also stated that the federal government’s ability to enact and sign a budget before the end of the year has prompted several states to work toward the same goal.

Lawan was quoted saying;

“The secret is cooperation, partnership, synergy, and that understanding and mutual respect.

“Nigeria is benefiting from that kind of relationship. So that is what, in my judgment and opinion works for us, to be passing the budget at the time, that will always feel is the appropriate time before the end of the year.

“Mr. President, congratulations to him for signing the 2022 appropriation bill today, even though today is the last day of the year. But we have achieved that very significant important date of signing before the end of the year.

“The reality is what I have observed, the ability of the federal government to have his budget passed and signed before the end of the year, has made so many states to also work towards achieving that.”

The senate president also said the issue raised by the president on how the budget was appropriated, shouldn’t cause any controversy. 

Lawan added; 

“This is based on judgments when we asked for more resources coming from the independent sources, especially from the government owned enterprises of about N400 to N500 billion because we believe that these government owned enterprises should contribute even much more.

“In fact, I hold the opinion that they should have contributed about a trillion, at least not N500 billion or so.”

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