Woman Surprises Her Husband By Paying Off His Debt

An American woman, Jayla Brenae, made her husband emotional when she made him realise that all his debts have been paid off.

She shared a video of her surprising her husband on Boxing Day with gifts which included a shoe.

In the video, the man is seen unwrapping the gifts when he saw the shoe with the inscription; “debt free”.

Jayla proceeded to hand him a phone on which he watches a video clip confirming that she has paid off his student loan debt.

On realising what his wife had done, the man became teary-eyed and was overwhelmed with emotion.

She wrote;

”THANK YOU GOD!!! We started the beginning of this year with a look at our finances, and debts. It was our desire to go into 2022, closer to being completely debt free. My husband from the beginning in our relationship has talked about his student loans being like a dark cloud hovering over him and now his family. I’ve watched him work so hard, to not being able to work thanks to Covid, to doing everything he could to provide for us. When I had the desire of being a stay at home mom we NEVER made me feel bad about not bringing in income, he started to work a second job to make sure we were okay, he did everything he could to grant that desire of my heart. Fast forward to today where I can finally thank him for it all and grant the desire of his, and mine. As we had been chipping away at it, he didn’t know I had been saving for this very moment all year. You are student debt free baby and we are a step closer to being a debt free family! I love you!❤️”

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