Appeal court staff locked out for resuming late

The Court of Appeal in Abuja was thrown into chaos Monday, December 30, when officials were denied admission to the court grounds in their vehicles.

According to The Nation, security guards at the entrance said they were told by the court’s President, Justice Monica Dongban-Mensem, to close the entrance gate to prevent late-arriving workers from driving onto the court grounds.

The directive had an impact on a number of directors. They were obliged to park their cars on the main entrance gate of the court, all the way up to the main road leading to the Federal Secretariat and the Force headquarters, disrupting normal traffic flow.

Police officers have also been dispatched to the location to assist in traffic control and vehicle security. After discovering that the majority of the staff were not in their offices, and that some were just strolling in, Justice Dongban-Mensem reportedly issued the directive.

An official of the court told the publication; 

“My lord (the President) went round some of the offices this morning and found out that they were all empty.

“Most staff are in the habit of coming late, while some have even said they will resume by next year.

“So, she directed the security personnel to lock the gate so that those coming late would not be allowed to enter with their vehicles.

“Even staff buses are affected. You can see they are all packed outside.

“We are, however, not sure what penalties would be visited on the erring staff at the end of the day.”

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