Reactions as Liverpool Star Mo Salah Celebrate Christmas (Photos)

Egyptian football player and Liverpool star Mohamed Salah on Friday posted photos with his family celebrating Christmas.

Salah posted a photo on his social media account, with his wife, daughter, Makkah and their younger daughter Kayan.

The photo has sparked mixed reactions from his Muslim fans on Twitter.

See some reactions below

“There is no power but from God and you every year have the same issue, I mean, do you want to provoke the feelings of Muslims who support you around the world?”

“My brother, Eid is a religion based on the principle of the Trinity (Father – Son – Holy Spirit) and every day you read (Say, He is God the One) and celebrate a religion that contradicts this saying.”

“Respect yourself, respect your Creator, and apply what you read in the Qur’an.”

“I’m disappointed. I loved you as a Bayern fan! You were my favourite player outside of Bayern. I have to unfollow now though. This is disgraceful. Delete this and I‘ll keep supporting you.”

“Have I seen Vardy, Kane, Mason Mount, or any of the “non-Muslim” players on the night of Eid al-Fitr, wearing a dress or wearing a new suit and a picture with his family? I also go to clear and settle like Maison!”

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