Lady Tearfully Shares What A Driver Did To Her After Giving Her A Ride In His Car

A lady shares her heartfelt account of what a driver did to her after giving her a ride in his car.

A young woman took to social media to describe what a man who offered her a ride in his car did to her, which left her in tears.

In a post sighted on Facebook , she wrote:

“You’ll never know what someone’s true motives are until they act out their scheme. First and foremost, I would advise all ladies, including myself, not to be too swift to dismiss any man who tries to approach them. Six years ago, I never imagined I’d be where I am now.

My father left me and all that has to do with my mother when I was about four years old due to certain problems they couldn’t fix.

My mother has been the sole caregiver for me, which has been very difficult for her because she is just a petty dealer.

As a result, she couldn’t afford for me to continue my schooling after high school, so I took a job as a sales girl in a supermarket. Despite the fact that it is not a well-paying career, I only had a few options because I only have a high school diploma.

I used to be very violent against any man who confronted me back then, perhaps because I grew up knowing all the horrors my father subjected me and my mother to, but I had a deep aversion towards men who tried to ask me out on a date, even though I was a very well-behaved girl at college. I show love and gratitude to all of our clients, including men and women.

I was on my way to work one faithful day, but I couldn’t find a car in time.

A young man in a comfortable car pulled up right in front of me, greeted me, and gave me a seat. On a regular day, I wouldn’t consider the offer, but I was already late for work, so I did.

I had no idea this young man was a regular shopper at our store. He dropped me off right in front of my office, but not before telling me how impressed he is with how well I handle clients and encouraging me to keep it up. We parted after exchanging phone numbers.

He began calling and conversing with me. After a week, he told me that he intended to marry me, but that I didn’t have to hurry because he would like to marry a graduate. When he said he’d take care of my academics, I burst out laughing.

I was able to complete a four-year university course without having to pay for it thanks to God and this guy.

He brought my mother’s company to the next step when I was at college. Last year, we wed, and I now have a good career.”

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