Hunter arrested for killing neighbor who he mistook for a ‘big animal

A hunter has been charged with murdering a neighbor whom he claimed he mistook for a “large animal.”

At Ita-Merin village, near Ore in Ondo State, Ismaila Ojo allegedly shot his 70-year-old neighbor who was defecating in a bush at the back of the house.

The hunter, who was apprehended with his home-made pistol, admitted to shooting the elderly guy at 3 a.m., but claimed that he mistook him for an animal during the night.

Ojo, who claimed to be a licensed hunter, also revealed that he was the one who raised the alarm after accidentally shooting the elderly guy, and that he took him to a nearby agricultural village for medical assistance, where he died a few days later.

Ojo asked for mercy, claiming that he had nothing to gain by killing his neighbor and that he had never committed a crime in his life.

He said; 

“I have never committed a crime in my life; everybody knows me as a hunter; I don’t know how animals turned to human being. Have mercy on me.”

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