Man Abandones His Wife, Says Twins, CS Are Taboo in Rivers

Mrs Nwamaka Chinwendu, a 33-year-old mother of twins, has expressed her dissatisfaction with her husband, Amajiri, for abandoning her and her two-month-old babies after she gave birth to twins through caesarean section.

Amajiri is from Igbo Etche in Rivers State’s Etche Local Government Area, while the woman is from Ameka village in Ebonyi State’s Ezza South LGA.

The family, on the other hand, resides in Abakaliki, the capital of Ebonyi State, at Mile 50.

When Nwamaka was pregnant with her first kid, her husband reminded her that in his hometown, a woman giving birth through caesarean section was considered taboo.

She expressed her gratitude for not having to undergo any surgical procedures in order to give birth to her child.

The woman, who spoke on Tuesday in Abakaliki, said trouble started when she went for an ultrasound at seven months of her pregnancy and was told that she was carrying twins.

She said when she broke the news to her husband, he became angry and told her to abort the pregnancy, but she refused.

“He began to beat me without any provocation. He stopped helping me with house chores. I went for another scan before delivery and I was told that the babies were not well positioned and that they were positioned with their buttocks. The sonographer said we should hope that the babies would position well before nine months.

“But when it got to nine months, one of the babies turned, while the other didn’t turn. So, I was told that the only way out was through CS. When I got home and told my husband, he said I was on my own. He started nagging that CS and twins were taboos in their culture. He said if I wanted the marriage to continue that I should abort the babies.”

“Since I gave birth to my twins (a boy and a girl) two months ago, he has abandoned us. He did not come to the hospital; it was my elder brother that paid the hospital bill and he has been the one catering for us,” she added.

Mrs Chinwendu, who said her husband claimed to be a marine engineer but never dressed up for work one day, noted that he always provided for them before the arrival of the twins.

She said she was no longer interested in the marriage, adding that all she wanted was for her husband to take care of his children.

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