Sad! Baby allegedly starved by his mum’s boss dies

The bay, who was said to have been starved by his mother’s Lagos boss, has died.

Sad! His mother is said to have starved the baby.
The deceased’s mother yelled out on Friday, December 17 after discovering the condition of her 5-month-old kid, who had been supposedly seized by her madam. To disclose what her madam had done, the woman performed a live video with human rights campaigner Harrison Gwamishu. Her madam seized her kid, according to the 19-year-old mother, because she couldn’t pay back the hospital bill she had helped her clear.

The baby appeared to be healthy in previous photos. The baby, on the other hand, lost a lot of weight after supposedly spending time with Tina, a madam. The mom and her child were reunited thanks to the involvement of the Lagos State Social Welfare Department and the police.

In an update shared on his IG page, Harrison said the baby had passed away.

Sad! Baby allegedly starved by his mum

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