SHS Student Beats Teacher To Death For Flogging His Sister

Micahel Ogbeise, a senior high school girl, is said to have charmed a teacher to death for whipping his sister in a private school in Abraka, Delta state, Nigeria.

The terrible tragedy occurred on Thursday, December 2, 2021, according to reports.

The culprit allegedly attacked the deceased victim, Ezeugo Joseph, for flogging his younger sister, Promise, according to reports.

“The suspect confronted the teacher because he flogged his little sister,” said DSP Bright Edafe, a spokeswoman for the Delta State Police Command, who confirmed the event. He blew up the teacher and beat him up until he fell. The teacher was taken to the hospital and confirmed to be d*ad.

DSP Edafe said the suspect and his parents are currently at large as they have all fled their apartment while the sister, Promise, is currently in protective custody.

Mr. Erhimu, the school’s proprietor, said he had yet to receive full details on the incident because he was not present when the heinous incident occurred.

“I was not in school when the incident occurred,” he said, adding that more information will be available on Monday, just as he ordered the school to close until Monday.

“Whatever anyone says about me, I don’t care,” he said in response to the news in town that he may be involved in some suspicious activities that have resulted in frequent deaths in his school in recent years.

I’ve been running this school for 35 years. If a tragedy like this occurs, I don’t care what they say….someone will begin to read meaning into it.”

“Unless I have a hand in these deaths,” he added, “God Almighty, whom I serve, will punish such persons who wish to blackmail me.”

He claims that he was at the police station yesterday and that he will return today.

When contacted, DSP Bight Edafe, the state police spokesman, confirmed the incident and stated that the suspect is on the run.

“For the time being, the suspect is nowhere to be found,” he said, “but the sister is in protective custody.”

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