Nigerian Army Alleged Police Brutality in Secret Letter, Says Personnels Are Being Killed

The Nigerian army has said that it has launched an investigation into the killing and assault of its members by Nigerian Police Force officers.

The Chief of Army Staff wrote to all formations and units on November 23, 2021, requesting that military officers “convey all recorded incidences of police brutality against members of the Nigerian Army.”

The letter, headed ‘Evaluating Incidences Of Police Brutality Against Personnel Of The Nigerian Army,’ was signed by Major General J. A. Ataguba and obtained exclusively by SaharaReporters.

It is also required to assess and provide evidence related to the situation, as well as develop opinions about the veracity of the complaints made.

The letter read, “The NA is constitutionally tasked to provide aid to civil authorities when called upon. This responsibility has occasioned conducting joint activities with members of the civil and paramilitary organizations. These joint operations with other security agencies particularly the Nigerian Police (NP) create occasions for the police to equate its hierarchy with the NA and this has often led to friction, especially at the lower levels.

“This friction has occasionally led to bodily harm and in some cases death to our troops. This is in spite of the fact that the victims have been identified and established to be serving personnel.

“This Dept is therefore conducting an evaluation of these occurrences with a view to establishing the frequency and recommend possible remedial measures to stem the tide. Consequently, all NA corps, formations and establishments are please requested to forward all recorded incidence of police brutality against personnel of the NA.

“The report should cover the last 2 years. Returns to reach this NLT 8 December 21 and should be forwarded using enclosed formal.“

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