“My Daughter Lock Herself Up In Her Room Every Two Days”-Mother Cries Out

According to the mom, she discovered her daughter performing weird things after noting that she shuts herself up in her room every two days.

I’m a single mother with a 17-year-old daughter. And, while I’m at work, I make a concerted effort for my daughter so that she doesn’t go down the wrong path, meet the wrong people, or make a stupid decision as she matures into an adult.

She started isolating herself five months before turning eighteen. She doesn’t tell me about her activities any longer. She’s started to keep herself to herself more.

I’ve discovered that she goes into her room every two days, locks the door, and doesn’t come out till the next day.

She wouldn’t eat or do anything for the rest of the day. I called her and asked her what was wrong, and I tried to persuade her to speak with me, but she refused.

In two days, I planned to install a camera in her room. After the day arrived, I took the camera and put it to the test. What was happening to my daughter made me so sad. She was carrying a bright ball and singing in strange languages. Where else could I possibly go wrong? My kid has joined the witches’ sect.

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