Young Lady Graduates With Perfect 7.0 CGPA From UI, Says She Was Working While Schooling

Abibat Yetunde Adebiyi, a young lady who graduated with a 7.0 CGPA from the University of Ibadan, has emerged as the best among her peers.

Muslim, the lady studied structural and materials engineering at the master’s level in the department of civil engineering.

It’s worth noting that the lady received a perfect score in her undergraduate program at the same university.

Abibabt told the press that she began her career at The Polytechnic, Ibadan, where she studied civil engineering at both the HND and ND levels.

Though juggling job and master’s degrees was difficult for the young lady, her enthusiasm for civil engineering provided as motivation to keep going.

Abibat, who now works as a teaching assistant at the polytechnic, said she had always worked and went to school before enrolling at UI.

On her advice to young girl, the brilliant lady said:

“Every sacrifice in life has a reward. Nobody can tell when the reward will come.”

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