White Billionaire Arrested For Giving His 21-Year-Old African Girlfriend N500 Million in Kenya

A Belgian Bitcoin billionaire is said to have handed $910,000 to his Kenyan sweetheart, who is only 21 years old.

According to reports, the gift prompted a raid on his home by Kenyan authorities.

Marc Demesel, the bitcoin billionaire, described how detectives in Kenya stormed his home after he gifted his 21-year-old Kenyan lover Ksh102 million via Instagram (910k USD).

He also said that Kenyan officials had accused him of money laundering and terrorism-sponsoring, among other things, for lavishing such a sum on his girlfriend.

While narrating the ugly incident, he wrote;

“It is been crazy here in Africa, something really bad happened two weeks ago. On Monday, u was chilling in my house, then suddenly a home evasion by four policemen. CID. Invaded my house taking me with him. Accused me of money laundering and terrorism-sponsoring for gifting my girlfriend some amount of money.”

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